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              Honeycomb/Cell Shades

Cellular Fabrics

Our cellular shades are available in several pleat sizes and come in a full spectrum of colors, no visible cord holes and the fabric is washable, stain and wrinkle resistant.  The very simple and tidy design of cellular shades make them very popular for shading the world's windows.  The 3/8 inch pleat size and ½ pleat size are popular with smaller windows, while the ¾ inch pleat size are popular with wider, larger windows.  The blackout cellular shades take this a step further and allow for the total blackout of light into the room.




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Honeycomb/Cell Shades

Whether you are looking for window shades for your home or office window coverings, cellular shades will help you better insulate your windows. By installing cellular shades, you not only are providing a very nice look to your windows, but you are also adding a very economical feature to your home by improving the insulation of your home or office.  The money saved by this insulation may pay for the cost of the shades, in time.

Cellular Shade Operations

Cellular shades are attached to the top of the window in what is called a head rail, and may be raised or lowered by using a basic cord system. By using this cord system, part of your window may be covered, providing needed shade and installation, while leaving another portion of the window uncovered.  As the shades are pulled up, the cellular blinds are stacked neatly on top of each other, providing an organized and kempt look to your window covering.   Cellular shades appear as smooth panels of pleated fabric when they are covering a window, and as finely stacked blinds when raised. 




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